Writing Cards and Letters – Re: Hi there!

Today, the podcast is all about a new years resolution (and a project of mine and a few friends): to write 52 cards and letters in one year. Every week, one card. I am looking forward to trying this out – but I already have a hunch that it will be worthwhile. Who knows? If you’re up to follow my very first episode of this series and would like to hear an old typewriter spring back into action, feel free to listen in. Read More

Intro – Re: Hi there!

Some people like to read, others prefer to watch a movie. Some people appreciate great paintings and others listen to the radio. If you count yourself to the latter category, there is something new for you. Read More

Medium: Future Human

“We imagine humanity as a fixed state. People come into being, usually the old-fashioned way. They progress along a timeline of milestones that varies little from person to person. They get sick, occasionally at first, and then inexorably. They die. There are outliers at every step—except for the last one, at least so far—but the… Read More