Dr. Jürgen Geßler

We’ve grown to know Mr. Berghaus as a loyal and thoroughly team-oriented employee whose conduct towards superiors, colleagues, and external partners was always flawless and exemplary.

Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke

Benjamin has an impressive expertise of both luxury management and market oriented management. I would like to emphasise Benjamin’s exceptional initiative, motivation, and expertise.

Ewa Maciejewski

Benjamin’s analytical and strategising skills enable him to quickly design, plan, and execute excellent educational projects. His commitment and reliability make him a great team member, someone whom you can trust to deliver the right quality work in the right time.

Fleur De Lima

Benjamin is an excellent lecturer making his programme highly educative and significant to the participants. Benjamin easily connects with the participants and keeps the engagement high throughout all consecutive days.

Prof. Dr. Peter Zashev

Benjamin has the fairly rare combination of someone who is academically sound, practically experienced and with own style and charisma as a presenter. On all occasions he was respected and really appreciated as an expert and a presenter.