What will happen tomorrow in luxury? And: how do you investigate and research what’s beyond the next bend for the luxury market? That was the central question of a self-study project alongside our luxury marketing course in St. Gallen in 2016.

I conceptualised and initiated the project in 2016. Designed as self-studies of the seminar „Introduction to the luxury goods industry“ by Wittig and Sommerrock, I developed the „St. Gallen Luxury Trend Study“.

In alignment with the research focus of the Competence Center of that year, roughly 50 students researched and investigated business trends on the „management of unique customer experiences across all communication and sales channels“.

This project resulted in 36 articles that were complemented by four articles by academics and four articles by practitioners. The collection of articles was published online in March 2018 at www.nextgenerationluxury.ch .