The central question of most luxury brands today is how to rejuvenate their positioning. What do younger generations think about luxury? I initiated an international research project focused on these questions.

I independently conceptualised and launched the project in 2013: jointly with a bachelor student, three master students and one PhD student, we launched an international segmentation study for luxury-oriented consumer behaviour among millennials.

The pilot study took place in fall of 2016 at Universität St. Gallen. We set up a partner network with research teams of fourteen universities in Korea, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, UAE, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, and the Netherlands.

Until end of 2017, we reached more than 2’000 study participants internationally. The bachelor and master theses were completed and the PhD student advanced significantly through the help of this project. The research project has been advanced predominantly by researchers of Hong Kong Polytechnical University and University of St. Gallen collaboratively with the international consortium of universities.