This project captures, curates, and makes available best practice insights on developing strategic solutions at the MBA programme of University of St. Gallen. It gives details on the standards necessary to be met when developing strategic solutions and illustrates recommended mindsets and methodology through all stages of the process from context analysis to learning potential.

Facing challenges and developing solutions is at the heart of modern managerial work. In today’s business, winning the support of key decision-making boards is essential to set meaningful change in motion. However, developing convincing proposals to increasingly complex challenges and ever more diligent audiences is not trivial. This book, research, and teaching project aggregates insight on the critical determinants of developing, delivering, and defending convincing strategic solutions.

The foundation of this project is a systematic review of three years of past boardroom simulation performances at the MBA Programme at University of St. Gallen (HSG) conducted in 2019. In 2020, we validate the aggregated insight by conducting interviews with experienced executives. The result of the project will be a book, a teaching concept, and an invitation to collaborate on teaching opportunities.

We currently invite select executives to join the validation phase. Later, our informants may benefit from opportunities emerging in and after the publication phase.


Our goal is to support decision makers in developing better solutions to strategic challenges with less energy wasted on irrelevant or misguided efforts and greater focus on differentiating characteristics of their solutions. We facilitate this support by providing a clear description of the standards required when developing strategic solutions and an illustration of the most helpful mindsets to adopt when following a strategic solution design process. Our three more target-group-specific objectives are (1) to provide our MBA students with a useful guide to strengthen their capabilities in solving strategic challenges in and beyond the classroom, (2) to make the insight we gathered accessible to young managers in practice which may also be interested in an MBA programme, and (3) to share our experiences with other educators in order to support their efforts in teaching MBA or MBA-like formats.

To learn more and to take the first step to collaborate in this project, we kindly ask you to reach out to:

Dr. oec. Benjamin Berghaus (HSG)
Project initiator, educator, researcher, consultant on market-oriented and strategic management and alumnus to the Institute of Marketing at University of St. Gallen | +49 (0) 89 5181 8806 | Based in Munich, Germany

Mr. Thomas Bucher
Project facilitator and Corporate Relations Manager
at the MBA Programme of University of St. Gallen | +41 (0) 71 224 73 50 | Based in Zurich, Switzerland