Not better, just faster.

Prelude: this blog post has been inspired by this McKinsey article. It’s a great and interesting read. Most of what’s in there makes selling sense. And that’s a sad realisation since most of what’s in there says that fashion should become even faster and not substantially better and thus more valuable. Thus, the article may… Read More

Bad Guerrilla – Not Even Once.

Guerrilla is war’s little sister. Guerra is the monstrous beast and guerrilla is the pesky little bugger. Playfully taken to the marketing domain, it means that you, as a customer, are not necessarily faced with a communication blitzkrieg. You might not have to fear the barrage of mailing artillery. You would not even need to… Read More

Sternschanze branding

This morning, I woke up in the heart of Sternschanze, Hamburg. Sternschanze is more out less the epicentre of alternative and counterculture living in Hamburg, already a thoroughly liberal metropolis. But it’s not really just what it used to be.