I have grown to work more and more as an author. Writing is one of my favourite modes of work. In the past years, I’ve edited, written, or contributed to a few works. Currently, I am working on three books in parallel – all in different stages of advancement.

The Management of Luxury

An International Guide

Edited volume together with Günter Müller-Stewens and Sven Reinecke.

The Management of Luxury, second edition, presents a unique snapshot of best practice insights into the increasing challenges faced in luxury business, with contributions shared by more than fifty global leaders on luxury management. The highly renowned editors draw these together into one essential handbook, ranging from luxury brand strategy, luxury consumer behaviour and market positioning, through to management succession, heritage, counterfeiting and competing effectively as a luxury SME.

Fully updated in its second edition, The Management of Luxury explores the newly evolving direction of Asian market trends and how to integrate digitalization into sales and product strategies. Both are crucial for competitive advantage in the luxury market, featured alongside iconic case studies such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Leica. The book’s value is not only in streamlining management processes and return on investment; but equally for those who marvel at an industry unlike any other, striving to trust both in the conventional and innovate new paths towards the extraordinary. Highly influential, applicable and enlightening, it is a vital addition to every luxury business manager’s collection.” (Kogan Page)

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