My working hypothesis is…

…when mentoring, never underestimate the power of sharing your own world-view, challenges, successes, experiences, and failures.

If you share, your mentees can build trust and learn that sharing is a good thing if you are seeking for guidance or inspiration.

I’ve come to find that your advice matters less than the sense of trust you can build. The more trust you can build, the easier and the more seamless the exchange becomes between you and your mentee. The more effortless your exchange becomes, the more you get to know the person on the other side and the better your chances become that you can make a recommendation that will benefit your mentee.

Don’t be surprised if your advice doesn’t work if you never built trust. You’re working with incomplete data. No, trust is not something you agree on. It’s something you grow.

Can’t bake an advice-bread from trust-wheat you never grew. Too cheesy? Maybe, but memorable!

This is a working hypothesis. Obviously it’s not a be-all-end-all truth. What’s your take? Let me learn in a comment. Thanks for helping me learn your perspective!

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